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Posted by Sales on June 01 2022 in General News

Congratulations Joe and Dave

Joe Simonsen and Dave Saunders, CNC Machine Operators at Lattimer US, receive their raised seal Certificate of Machine Operator One Apprenticeship Completion from the United States Department of Labour. Both Joe and Dave completed 2000 hours of on-the-job training and online academic technical training (RTI) from Camden County College, being awarded the Academic Certificate in Precision Machining Technology, covering the following elements:

• CIM-101 Machine Shop Practices
• CIM-221 Conventional Machinist
• CIM-202 CNC Machinist
• CIM-219 Programming and CAM

Lattimer US are delighted that Mr Simonsen and Mr Saunders completed their training and are confident that this will be a springboard to additional qualifications. Well done Joe and Dave!

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