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Posted by Sales on September 20 2023 in Commercial NewsGeneral News

Hartmann & Bender joins the Lattimer Group

We are pleased to announce that Lattimer Ltd, Hunprenco Ltd and Hartmann & Bender Vertriebs-und Produktions GmbH in Germany are now working together in partnership within the Lattimer Group.

Hartmann & Bender, founded in 1897, has been manufacturing variable equipment and spare parts for the container glass industry for more than 40 years. The decades of experience and the resulting expertise make Hartmann & Bender, alongside Lattimer, one of the leading suppliers of variable equipment in this industry.

Hunprenco is the world-renowned plunger and cooler manufacturer based in Hunmanby UK. Hunprenco also has additional facilities for specialised machining and surface coatings for the Glass Industry.

As a group, we are now in a beneficial position to work closer with our customers and together with Hartmann & Bender, we can offer a wider product range and a significantly increased machining capacity. By sharing technical knowledge, we can work on even better solutions for you, our valued customers.

In the longer term we are aiming to consolidate our know-how, streamline production facilities and invest in our people and equipment to expand our capabilities.

To avoid any confusion, trading with Lattimer Group companies, Lattimer Ltd, Hunprenco Ltd and Hartmann & Bender GmbH, will be as usual and remain separate for the foreseeable future. All your existing contacts will remain the same, but a full contact list will be provided under separate cover.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Stephen Waterhouse
CEO Lattimer Group Limited

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