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Lattimer Pushers are renowned as being reliable, simple to maintain and efficient in their performance. Thousands of units have been sold over several decades up to the present day and as the demand on productivity and quality increases, Lattimer have again pushed the boundaries of product innovation to maintain its position at the forefront of IS variable technology.

PM3000 Lightweight Pusher

PM3000 Lightweight Pusher

  • A 40% reduction in weight giving extended servomotor life, energy saving and ease of handling.

  • Inclined body to give both improved clearance and improved ware handling.

  • Replaceable wear parts giving low maintenance and extended life with the benefit of a reduction in cost.

  • Smooth performance achieved by the combination of self-alignment characteristic’s and full 360° air sealing.

  • Simple concentric adjustment mechanism to perform faster setup.

  • Fully compatible with existing Lattimer fixed stroke sole plate.

FX2000 Fixed Stroke Pusher with adjustable body

FX2000 Fixed Stroke Pusher with adjustable body

  • Proven reliable design, the industry standard.

  • High rigidity cast iron body construction.

  • Compatible with all existing Lattimer fixed stroke pusher sole plate’s.

  • Improved clearance from the inclined body creating improved ware handling.

  • Ease of adjustment through a pinion mechanism.

  • Fast retract speed due to quick exhaust valve.

PM2000 Adjustable Stroke Pusher

PM2000 Adjustable Stroke Pusher

  • PM2000 comes in 4” and 5” models for large stroke adjustment.

  • Both models are suitable for I.S machines from single to quad gob.

  • Twin cylinder eliminates the need for guide rods and bushes and provide smooth action over a longer working life.

  • Bespoke sole plates available upon request.

  • Lift finger attachment available to provide increased finger clearance for large containers on return to the dead plate.