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Posted by Sales on September 17 2019 in General News

Student Engagement Award

Lukas Allsworth wins the Student Engagement Award from Southport College! Well done Lukas!

Lukas is now a fully qualified Quality Engineer after completing a 4 year apprenticeship at Lattimer. During this time, Lukas volunteered to speak at many events, advising young people what it is like to go into an apprenticeship rather than going straight from school to university.

Here is what he had to say:

“During the 4 years that I have spent at Lattimer, I have had to make it clear to people outside of the company how working for Lattimer is a privilege and brings a sense of pride. When I first applied for my apprenticeship, I had no idea what to expect. I believed I was getting thrown into the deep end of it all but with the experienced personnel on site, I swiftly settled in and was happy with my work progress.”

“I then thought to myself how people who don’t have apprenticeships think that it is all about working and not knowing what they are doing but they would be wrong. Lattimer had set a very good example for how a good apprenticeship should run, taking into account both the work and college aspects.”

“It was important to me that I let as many people as I could know about working at a place such as Lattimer and how the structure of the apprenticeship is well thought through and that there is always somebody there to help them through their work.”

“Personally, I couldn’t have completed my apprenticeship or got this award without the help of Alan Andrews, our Apprentice Training Officer at Lattimer. He puts so much effort into all of his apprentices and ensures that he has the best possible people on the apprenticeship scheme. I owe everything to him and want to thank him for that.”

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