Lattimer Glass Services

We are pleased to introduce to you
Lattimer Glass Services. This is a new
service that Lattimer is offering to help
our customers with their machine
repair, rebuild or build programmes.
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NEW Quick Change X-Y Tonghead !

Reduce downtime and improve efficiency

Achieve total accuracy in tong to mould alignment and eliminate pick-up related faults with the Lattimer Quick Change X-Y Adjustable Tonghead.

Download Technical Bulletin No 87 for more information
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Special requirements and Bespoke solutions

Our experienced team of Design and Development Engineers will create a solution to help solve your individual problems. Designing something just for you is their speciality.
On site consultation is only a phone call away.
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NEW Linear Tong Holder

Reducing ware defect and increasing efficiencies are key components to profitability, with our new Linear Tong
Holder problems associated with traditional Tong Holders using links & pins are eliminated.

Go to "Downloads" to see the latest Technical Bulletin (No 88)
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Download our latest product brochure and technical bulletins to view our unique portfolio of customised products that are as individual as your requirements.

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